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interests: The Smiles Family, WOF, wasted determination, HTTYD, Lego Ninjago, Monkie Kid, vulture culture, Countryhumans, analogue horror, Creepypasta, the bible, religion and politics, The Shining, crafting, art, music, Invader Zim and TF2

projectz he was working on: Tempora Commuto, Out West, A Tribute to The Beyond, The Veil Between Worlds, The Star Circus, Hic Sunt Dracones, my roblox myth oneshots, my journal/art book, my band, Astra Non Mentiuntur

postponed: We've Seen Better Days, Lone Man, Beautiful Boy, Brutal Conformity, Her, Bloodbath.

silly PLUH ronouns: He/It/Gore/Death/Cat/Star/Void/Lol/Un/Error/Fury/Clown/Slug

favorite bands/singers: Nirvana, Lemon Demon, spellcasting/irlspellcasting, Oliver Buckland, Tally Hall, Chonny Jash, plasterbrain, TMBG, Rory in Early 20's, The Crane Wives, 100 gecs, femtanyl, Soundgarden, American Football, sparklecats2009, 6arelyhuman, S3RL, Radiohead, Evanescence, Bring Me The Horizon, Crystal Castles, Scissor Sisters, Skrillex, Sorry Mom, Miracle Musical, Rob Zombie, Renard/Lapfox, AMPHETA, Alex G, twentyonepilots, h3artcrush, Beastie Boys, Cosmo Sheldrake, Rio Romeo, Destructo Disk, No Doubt, Set it off, Skillet, James and the Cold Gun, Negative 25, Baxter, Mother Mother, Thee Oh Sees, SOTS, bensilly, Kikuo, Will Wood, Ghost and Pals, Creep-P, Dead Kennedys, Caravan Palace, I Monster, The Dresden Dolls, Stealing Sheep, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails


this is pretty much all u needa know :P

TLDR at the very bottom!! :33

"I'd rather die on my paws than on a hospital bed." -Emerald

        Things to do - Alex G


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this is schrod1ngerscat, he's scenemo, therian/otherkin, punk-adjacent, eco-socialist leftist, egualitarian, puppeteer, artist and lover of dragons!! ⚣𖤐☭Ⓐ⦻

Other shtuff :PPP

-"To be honest, if this is what being a sinner feels like, I don't think heaven is worth getting into."

"Do you know who I am?! The Diamond Eyes who's watched the dinosaurs come and go. The Diamond Eyes who's witnessed the construction of the pyramids. The Diamond Eyes who's seen empires rise and fall. And now, I'll be the Diamond Eyes who tears this godforsaken planet into smithereens."

for the millionth and final time, if you're a bully, a zoo, a pedo, a shota/loli, a nazi, a fascist, a right winger, a liberal, or you fly a flag that threatens my existence, you can kindly fuck off. thank you!! :3